Sorting an ArrayCollection

public function sortCollection(arrayCollection : ArrayCollection) : void
//Create the sort field
var dataSortField:SortField = new SortField();

//name of the field of the object on which you wish to sort the Collection
dataSortField.name = "name";
dataSortField.caseInsensitive = true;

If you wish to perform numeric sort then set:
dataSortField.numeric = true;

//create the sort object
var dataSort:Sort = new Sort();
dataSort.fields = [dataSortField];

arrayCollection.sort = dataSort;
//refresh the collection to sort



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USA Mike said...

thank you !

that's was usefull to me !

i am learning Flex3...

Kuriakose Jacob Thomas said...


Adobe Flex - Sorting an ArrayColleciton by Date
* @params data:Array
* @return dataCollection:Array
private function orderByPeriod(data:Array):Array
var dataCollection:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection(data);//Convert Array to ArrayCollection to perform sort function

var dataSortField:SortField = new SortField();
dataSortField.name = "period"; //Assign the sort field to the field that holds the date string

var numericDataSort:Sort = new Sort();
numericDataSort.fields = [dataSortField];
dataCollection.sort = numericDataSort;
return dataCollection.toArray();

Anonymous said...

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